Steav Jordan aka Steav Da Barber

Owner The Barberz Dreme Co.

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Licensed Master Barber

Co-Owner of  Razor Sharp Kutz

Co-Founder COS Circle Of Success Foudation 




From my perspective..........I do it for the Love!

If Im going to work it might as well be doing something I enjoy & love to do. Ive done many things in my life, Ive been many places & through that Ive learned to see the world from different perspectives. Ive always asked questions & been happy to recieve different input & ways of thinking. Im  researcher... But one perspective in general that was always intriguing to me along my journey in life was the idea of working for myself so much so that I want to share that mentality. I always had the idea of building a team & being given the oportunity to both teach & learn the barbering business & profession together. Building a barber family tree of shop owners, potential shop owners, product makers, competition winners, bar setters... I Love the idea that "WE CAN ALL EAT" yall like really... "WE ALL CAN EAT! I love being able to build a business network full of people that believe they can do whatever they want & will try to unapologetically. "Bosses say go.. leaders say lets go!" I think that quote is so dope because I know I'm a leader & I love that! Personally I love the idea of building an empire that would one day be a legacy for me to leave behind. A brand that my kids can be proud to represent & carry on. Real dreams, dope thoughts, dope perspectives, real ideas, real goals, livin life & defying odds..... dreme'n.....! I've survived cancer & heart disease. Ive survived the loss of close family members, a good, genuine & loyal, friend & the other half of The Barberz Dreme Big Jay. So now I cherish every moment of life & all that it has to offer, good & bad.


In my eyes family is everything & loyalty is the only thing!

As a young black entrepreneur I see success as my only option.

In many ways we may have been born to lose, but we have built ourselves to win! 
Cali born, Fresno raised, seasoned by the streets but college educated.

The Rich Barber mentored , "C.O.S" Circle Of Success certified

& "J.A.T.E" Jouney Against The End Approved...

"I'm in my own world, forget a lane"
Come grow with me!!
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