Trending Topik T’s Hashtag Series #StayWoke

Trending Topik T’s Hashtag Series #StayWoke

#Staywoke: I realized a long time ago that the only way to actually live a “Dreme”… is to wake up! So I decided to launch our “Staywoke” series Ts and Hoodies. Symbolizing personal awareness, provoking the thoughts that may generate change, and at the very least promote the idea that you should not believe any information unless you have done the necessary research… I like to say “Trust no one’s information but your own”! This theory has a universal foundation that can be applied to several aspects of life. And honestly we all can benefit from exercising the use of our own ability to #Staywoke! #Staywoke series comes in a few dope styles… Order Yours Today!!


    All items unused and unopened may be returned or exchanged within 14 days of purchase date.


    Defective items can be replaced with a new item, exchanged for a differnet item or returned for full refund. All within 14 days of purchase date.


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